Free Simple Fix It Tool for Microsoft Office

Free Simple Fix It Tool for Microsoft Office

Repair Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, and Other Programs

It makes sense to try Microsoft’s free Fix It tool if other troubleshooting methods have not proven successful.

Specifically, this free and simple tool is the next things to try if you have not been able to uninstall and reinstall Microsoft Office 2013, 2010, or 2007 from the Control Panel of your Windows PC. This Fix It tool (also written as FixIt in some documentation) is unfortunately not available for Mac.

Please read all steps before deciding if this is the right solution for you to try next.

1.  Find and Download the Fix It Tool Online…Free!

On this page of Microsoft’s Help site, you should see a link labeled: Go to This Fix It.

Clicking this starts an automatic download, which you would then run to uninstall your installation of Microsoft Office.

Installation help is just one example. Many other Fix Its are available from the Fix It Solution Center.

Note that this tool does not apply to programs you installed individually (separate from a suite).  More »

2.  Run or Open the Downloaded File

The download should show up on a bar in the lower part of your screen. Click the arrow to select Open. This should launch a dialogue box with the option to Save or Open. Then Run.

Microsoft issues this caveat:

“If the file doesn’t open, click Save and then Open Folder. Find the file (the name should start with O15CTRRemove) and double-click it to run the Fix it.”

If this step does not work, you can visit the Fix It Solution Center linked to above.

3.  Re-install Microsoft Office

If you did use the installation Fix It, keep in mind that you likely need to install Microsoft Office again. 

This is done by selecting the Office button in the upper left of Office 2013 programs then selecting Account.

Alternatively, go to your Office 365 portal and sign in. In either location, you should see an option to Install.

You can also contact Microsoft Support.

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