How to Fix a Microsoft Office Activation or Installation Error

How to Fix a Microsoft Office Activation or Installation Error

Solve Error 0x80070005, Error 1073422308, Error 25004, and Other Hiccups

Microsoft Office installs cleanly for most users, but sometimes frustrating activation errors occur.

For example, this can happen because your new computer came with a pre-installed trial version that is now complicating the full version.

Here is how to overcome installation hiccups as quickly as possible so you can get back to being productive. The following applies to error messages such as ‘Unlicensed Product Error’, ‘Error 0x80070005’, ‘System error: -1073422308’, or ‘Error 25004: The product key you entered cannot be used on this machine.’

1.  Make Sure You Don’t Need to Buy or Renew Office

This may sound obvious, but take a minute to make sure you have the right to use Office long-term.

Some newer computers and devices include Microsoft Office but you may still need to activate it. On the other hand, some devices come with a free trial and require an activation code you receive only if you purchase the full suite or subscription plan.

If you are unsure, you can either determine this a few different ways:

Notice the title bar at the very top of any Office program you open. If you see ‘Unlicensed Product’, you probably need to now purchase a permanent copy of Office 2013 in order to receive the 25-character activation key. 

Alternatively, open any Office program, then select File – Account. If you see ‘This product is unlicensed’, you probably need to purchase a permanent copy of Office.

You might also contact the retailer who sold you the computer or device. They should be able to fully explain whether your deal with them included a permanent or temporary copy of Office. More »

2.  Make Sure You Haven’t Exhausted Your Office Installations

You probably already know that you cannot install Office on an infinite number of computers or devices. It is generally for 1 to 5 devices, depending on which version you purchased.

You can try digging the details out of the Microsoft Software License Terms found under About Word (or other programs) under File – Account. You should see the  number of installations licensed to you under Installation and Use Rights.

If you are still having problems finding this, you need to contact the Microsoft Product Activation line in your area. I have linked to the site that helps you find this.

You may also be interested in: How to Move Microsoft Office from One Desktop Computer to Another. More »

3.  Make Sure You Have Installed All Office Updates

All sorts of problems can arise if you are not using the latest updates for Office. This link can help you decide how to stay updated.

Hopefully this fixes the problem, but if not, consider the following steps. More »

4.  You May Need to Uninstall Previous Versions of Office

While it is not impossible to run two versions of Microsoft Office on the same computer, it is usually glitchy to do so.

Most users therefore need to make sure they uninstall previous versions of Office. 

The easiest way to approach this is by going to your computer’s Control Panel, then uninstalling previous versions of Office. If this is not available, you can run Microsoft’s free Fix It Tool. More »

5.  Try Launching Office by Manually Activating the Product

While Office is supposed to run or launch automatically upon installation, it is possible yours simply didn’t.

You can try to do this manually by opening one of the installed Office programs then selecting File – Account – Activate Product.  

6.  Try Restarting Your Computer

It is amazing how often a restart can fix errors. Doing so might be a great and simple way to start troubleshooting this installation or activation problems. 

Always save your work before restarting your computer.

7.  Consider Running Microsoft Office as an Administrator

If you still get an error that is something along the lines of: “We’re sorry, something went wrong and we can’t do this for you right now. Please try again later. (0x80070005)”, Microsoft has indicated you should try running Office as an Administrator. Here’s how.

  • For Windows 8: Save all Office documents, then close all Office programs if necessary. Either search for ‘Run as Administrator’ or from the Start screen, right-click any Office program tile then select ‘Run as Administrator’. You will then be prompted in how to follow further activation steps.
  • For Windows 7: Save all Office documents, then close all Office programs if necessary. Go to the place you usually open Office from but instead of double-clicking or launching the icon, right-click it, then choose ‘Run as Administrator’. You will then be prompted in how to complete further activation steps.

If that still did not resolve the problem… More »

8.  Reach out to Microsoft Support

While it is preferable to find a quick fix, you may have a larger problem at work. If the other options have not worked, it probably makes sense to reach out to Microsoft at this point.

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