The Latest Free Microsoft Garage Apps

The Latest Free Microsoft Garage Apps

How to Download Early Versions of Productivity Apps from Microsoft

Microsoft Garage is an experimental  part of the software giant’s Office Labs initiative.

Initially it was a space for employees to invest effort in side projects. A Garage portal for consumers now makes it possible to stay updated on new productivity apps developed by these teams. 

If you do decide to download these innovative mobile apps for Android and Windows Phone (and a few for iOS, though not as many), you may want to consider yourself a tester. While these tools are downloaded from major app stores, they are still early versions.

So, if you enjoy being on the cutting edge of mobile productivity, check out the following free downloads!

1.  Keyboard for Excel on Android

For spreadsheet aficionados, this app provides your mobile device with a keyboard specifically designed for Excel.

2.  Mouse without Borders on Windows

This app lets you control up to four devices at once with one mouse or keyboard.

3.  Floatz on Windows Phone

Floatz allows you to pitch ideas anonymously to a defined geographical area and get feedback from other users. 

4.  Journeys and Notes on Android

Connect with others traveling your same route,whether a travel adventure or a commute, in a social experience. 

5.  Join Conference on Windows Phone

This app facilitates easier conference calls with a single voice command or button.

6.  StudentPlanner on Windows

Create OneNote pages and notebooks, and all assignments, projects, or exams will be automatically synced to your Outlook calendar for notifications.

7.  Your Weather on Windows Phone

This is an example of a Garage app only available in certain markets. Your Weather predicts environmental metrics such as weather and air quality in Chinese cities. 

8.  SquadWatch on Windows Phone

Keep tabs on your social or work squad. This app lets you know where specific people are and what they’re doing.

9.  Picturesque Lock Screen on Android

Available in the United States and India, this app puts a Bing search screen, including weather, calendar, news, and more. No unlocking necessary! 

10.  Torque on Android

A popular feature for Android Wear devices is now available on smartphones, the Bing Search Assistant. 

11.  Next Lock Screen on Android

Another tool for your lock screen, this app lets you see your calendar and missed calls. You can also connect with others via conference calls, text messages, and voice messages. 

12.  Nova Bacon on Windows Phone

This small business simulator game could be your next productivity break. 

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