Top Online Training Options for Microsoft Office

Top Online Training Options for Microsoft Office

Find Free or Affordable Classes, Certifications, Testing, Tutorials, and More

Because Microsoft Office is still the most widely-used office software suite in the world, you can find a lot of options for brushing up on skills or getting additional training.

You may, however,  find it difficult to track down classes, certifications, and other learning opportunities in your area. Also, sometimes Office training is overpriced, in my opinion. Both of those reasons may be good inspiration to look at online training for Microsoft Office, which tends to be free or affordable.

• Office Software Tutorials – Free!

If you are looking for a specific skill or question, chances are we feature an answer. Don’t forget to search this site for those types of issues as well as in-depth tutorials. Here are a few I recommend to get you started:

  • Hundreds of Microsoft Office Quick Tips (365, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003)
  • Microsoft Office Tutorials by Skill Level and Version
  • Office Software Tutorials by Program Type

More »

• Microsoft’s Online Office Tutorial Videos – Free!

Microsoft features a bunch of great videos for getting started in different Office programs.

No sign-up or account necessary, just watch these in your browser.

Nearly every video I have seen has been straight-forward and helpful. More »

• Microsoft’s Virtual Academy – Free!

Microsoft has offered its certification program at various training and testing sites.

Now, online users have a wonderful resource in the Microsoft Virtual Academy, which is a free way to not only learn skills but earn points and recognition.

Complete courses and tests according to your schedule or join live events.

You can print out your achievements to prove your progress to employers, team members, or your household–after all, it is refrigerator-worthy! You do need to setup an online account and profile in order to use Microsoft Virtual Academy. More »

• GCF – Free!

Featuring course in Office 2013 and earlier, this program is run by none other than Goodwill. To be exact, their site reads, “A program of the Goodwill Community Foundation® and Goodwill Industries of Eastern NC, Inc.®”.

The site also states that more than 14 million individuals have used this training to better their job skills. Pretty awesome! More »

• – Monthly Fee

For a monthly subscription, you can access as many online tutorials as you want. offers these for a range of software types. It’s a great deal for those who work well with online learning.

This link will give you an idea of what currently offers for Microsoft Office programs. More »

• New Horizons Online – Course Fee

These physical learning centers feature certification courses and tests throughout the country. Now, an online division is also available.

You can take most tests without sitting through a course, but you will want to study, no matter how much of a pro you have become with a certain program! Microsoft’s tests can be challenging. More »

• Certiport Online Exams – Course Fee

Certiport is primarily a location-based training service, and a very popular one, but you can find some online exams, so their site is definitely worth a look. More »

• University Continuing Education or Lifelong Learning Centers

Adult Learning courses are offered by university departments to the community. While you can earn credit toward a professional certificate, you do not have to be a university student. Some schools offer online programs along these lines, so it’s worth a look at your local learning institutions.

Be sure to also brush up on how to list office software skills for your job search: How to List Office Software Certifications on Your Resume.

Don’t Forget Books

In addition, check out popular book series on the subject. These can be very in-depth or simple, like a printable cheat sheet. If that’s your style, give popular office software book title brands on a look! If you know of others I have missed, please feel free to let me know. I would love this to be as comprehensive a resource as possible for our reader community.

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