Uninstall Microsoft Office from Your Windows or Mac Desktop

Uninstall Microsoft Office from Your Windows or Mac Desktop

How to Automatically or Manually Remove MCI or Click to Run Installations

You can uninstall Microsoft Office from your Windows or Mac desktop computer a number of ways. 

The following steps take you through the simplest procedure, as well as two alternatives in case you run into problems.

1.  Go to Your Computer’s Control Panel or Applications List

Your Windows desktop should allow you to uninstall Office from the Control Panel. Depending on your version, either select Start – Control Panel, or search for “Control Panel”.

For Mac, select Go – Applications.

2.  Search for ‘Office’ and Uninstall

For Windows computers, select Programs (or Programs and Features) then Uninstall a Program. You will then search for ‘Office’ in the upper right. When the undesired installation pops up, right-click it and select Uninstall.

For Mac computers, find ‘Microsoft Office 2011’ or other versions then drag the icon to the Trash.

3.  Alternative for Windows: Use the Fix It Tool

Another method  to try if the Control Panel route did not work is a free download called the Fix It Tool. This download is available for Windows but not Mac.

How to Download Microsoft’s Free and Simple Fix It Tool

4.  Alternative for Windows or Mac: Consider a Manual Uninstall

Yet another option to remove Microsoft Office is a very technical procedure called a manual uninstall.

Microsoft issues the following warning:

“Before you start, you need to know removing Office manually is a long, complex process and might require that you reinstall the operating system if certain steps are done incorrectly.” 

I therefore suggest that you at least consider contacting Microsoft Support instead of doing a manual uninstall. 

If you still want to check out what a manual install requires, these resources will take you through finding out how Office was installed (Click-to-Run or MCI) then guide you from there: 

Manually Uninstall Office on Windows

Manually Uninstall Office on Mac

For Mac, these removal steps may include manually removing Office preferences files, troubleshoot plug-ins, Microsoft fonts, Office user data, and more.

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